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Who We Are...
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Costaño School offers a well-rounded educational program designed to inspire students to be their best selves, to encourage them to pursue their interests, and that supports them to cultivate their passions. Students are given an educational experience, focused on building necessary 21st century skills that will empower them to reach their full potential and prepare them to be active contributors to society.

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Our Mission
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Our mission is to provide our TK-5 students with the tools for academic excellence and civic responsibility. We do this by ensuring we establish a school culture and climate that's a strength-based approach building upon the skill sets of each stakeholder in our school community.
A model of educational excellence is personified in our work as educators. We continually and collaboratively learn strategies and best practices from one another so that we are autonomous professionals in designing and delivering lessons that result in student achievement. We acknowledge educational excellence in our students and the skill sets they perform innately. Celebrating and analyzing what students know, they are then equipped by teachers and staff in order to excel beyond. Consequently, they are expected to meet academic and behavior expectations and take personal responsibility for their own learning.
The notion of educational excellence extends to our families' commitment.  Families commit to support their children and to be active partners with teachers and staff to support the academic growth and social well-being of their children. Mutual respect between staff, students, and parents is the norm in order to nurture a learning environment where all stakeholders are valued, informed and motivated to carry out our mission and to reach our school and district vision of educational excellence for all students.

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Our Story
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Costaño School serves an ethnically diverse community and features high academic standards in a positive campus environment. We emphasize teamwork, respect, integrity, responsibility, and perseverance. This framework enables students to grow into independent learners. We are united in excellence and developing a community of practice that drives our programs with a focus on collaboration and achieving substantial results. 
Costaño is a nationally recognized Turnaround Arts school that utilizes the arts as a vehicle to empower our students to create, to think critically, and to reach their unique individual potential. As such, the arts are integrated throughout the school day affording students with ample opportunities to experience their education via an enhancement that the Arts affords.  

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  • Great students who desire to excel;
  • Highly qualified staff trained to implement current and effective instructional practices;
  • Rigorous instructional and enrichment programs addressing Common Core State Standards across all subjects, in addition to STEAM and performing arts classes;
  • Extended school day to provide a comprehensive middle school program;
  • State of the art After School Program offering academic support in addition to enrichment programs like TV production and a sports program.