3rd Grade - Mr. Dellamano

John Paul Dellamano

Greetings! For the inquiring mind, a little bit about myself…

I was born and raised here in the Bay Area, and it has been both an ambition and a pleasure to serve the community of East Palo Alto. I am a huge sports fan, and soccer is definitely my favorite. I also really enjoy reading the local newspaper in order to stay informed on both local and national politics as well as watching the PBS Newshour.

I have provided my contact information below. Please feel free to reach out if any questions or concerns may arise.

Cell Phone: (650) 279-6594

^^If you contact me via text, I will do my best to respond as promptly as possible.

Email: jdellamano@ravenswoodschools.org



Reading/Language Arts:

Students have been working on their Non-Fiction Chapter Books: All About an Animal Species. Students are learning how to enter into the Google Classroom and format their work in a Google Document.

Throughout the project, students have been asked to conduct research on their animals habitat, diet and social structure by using Google Safe Search Kids.



The number of operations third graders are now required to perform has doubled to four. Bring on multiplication and division! We have begun exploring the concept of multiplication through the process of skip counting, and using counting cubes to model the process of division.



Students in room six have been doing an amazing job completing the assignments due in their homework notebooks! However, make sure your child is checking out a book from the classroom library to take home every night.