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Costaño Literacy Coach
My name is Ruby Dellamano and I am one of two literacy coaches at Costaño Elementary School.  My job entails working with small groups of students who need a little extra help in reading intervention. In addition I support teachers by collaborating with them in instructional practices.  I also work closely with the principal, Viviana Espinosa, and Emily Egbert, our other Literacy Coach to lead and design professional development at our site.  The position of a literacy coach is yet another service Ravenswood City School Districts provides to support our students.

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All Students Matter supports the students in our local community where the need is the greatest, East Palo Alto and eastern Menlo Park. We work in partnership with the Ravenswood City School District, principals and teachers to meet their goals and match their approaches. Our nearly 200 volunteers support over 60 teachers and their students in all five Ravenswood elementary schools. All Students Matter provides three programs:
● In-Classroom Support – each teacher directs 2-4 trained tutors who volunteer at specified times each week, all school year, to support students in reading, writing or math.
● Literacy Intervention – guided by the school literacy coaches, our trained tutors provide daily structured intervention to improve the literacy skills of selected students.
● Mentoring Book Club – a 12 week program for selected students in each 5th grade classroom designed to foster growth both academically and social-emotionally.

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My name is Asia Burns and I am the Newcomer Program teacher for the District. I am based, in the morning, at Costaño Elementary School. Students enrolled in this program, receive specialized language instruction specifically designed for students who have arrived in this country in the last twelve months and are learning English.  In this class, students learn how to communicate in English at the beginning level, as they adapt to life and school in the United States. The students learn how to read, write, speak, and listen in the context of high interest student centered topics. Students also identify and practice beginning reading and writing strategies that can be applied in all classes. My teaching philosophy is that learning English is a creative experience that fosters compassion, appreciation of cultural diversity and collaborative work.